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Lavanya Ramiah says,” Thanks supreme seafood, had ordered vanjaram fish and prawns today. They delivered it really fast,very neatly packed and thoroughly cleaned.

Afsari Praveen says,” I got my first delivery from Supreme Seafoods today. My MIL called and told that the prawns were cleaned so well, that we can cook them straigh

Bindu Shiva says,“Super, guys! You really do your best, thanks a ton, Supreme Seafood

Deepasri Deb says,“Calling out for all Bongs in this city to help me

Divyan George Varghese says,” Mohamed Farook you rock. Ordered Sear Fish first time yesterday. Really fresh and so clean,……..

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer says,” i must say ur seafood is top class… ordered twice so far.. extremely fresh……..

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Kiran kumar maasi says, “Thanks for the yummy tasting crab meat which was fresh and…….

Nagarajan Natarajan says, “Ordered at 2:15pm and got it delivered at 4pm……

Linu Paul says, “Ordered fish through Supreme Seafood today…A lady called up and ……

Guru Thamaraiselvan says, “We ordered 750gms of sea bass (koduva) and 750 gms of red snapper (sankara) from Supreme Seafood. Delivery was prompt……..

Barbara Thyab Ali says, ” No Jokes! Supreme Seafood is the Best… saw the add in The Hindu while waiting…..

Sangeetha Paul says, ” Hey Linu guess what.. thanks to your post, I found a new place to source fish. LAst night,……

Sangeetha Paul says, “the crab meat offer for the weekend was fab! Good idea…..

Bindu Shiva says, “Great fish n prawns, great service & prompt delivery as promised. And all neatly n cleanly ..wonderful lunch :-)……

Karthick Ganapathi saya, “Vegetarian Seafood from Supreme Seafood – Fresh Seafood Free Home Delivery Service in Chennai ………

Sahaya Teresa says, “i was amazed at the way the prawns had been devined and cleaned. the king fish was sliced …..

Jyotika Sibal says, “Thankyou Supreme Seafood… Called today morning at 8:30am and ordered fish and prawns……..

Seems Nair says, “I do what I feel lke and when I feel like so I thought why not order for a change for some seafood from Supreme seafood and see if……..

Nigar Sultana says, we meat eaters converted to Sea food for this week. I can say blindly if the same quality and………..

Rashmi Raman says, “Goan fish curry being prepared …. Cubes of seer delivered by supreme seafoods ……

Manju Madhu says, thankyou very much for the timely delivery of Vanjaram fish and Prawns. Worth the price………….

Bonnie Thomas says, “i have to admit…SSF HAS MADE MY LIFE EASY …Super Easy ( read…no scaling and deveining anymore )…….

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