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Japanese inspired Prawn Burger

Crispy, crumbed prawn patties nestled between soft brioche buns and generously flavoured with chilli mayonnaise…these Japanese inspired Prawn burgers are a gourmet affair for any seafood lover.

Cooking time: 30 min
Serves: 4

Ingredients: (Makes 5-6 patties) 1. 5 brioche buns 2. Iceberg lettuce; tear into large leaves 3. Red onion; cut into rings 4. Tomato chutney/sauce 5. Jalapenos (optional) For the patties: 6. 700gms large raw prawns; deshelled and deveined 7. 2 spring onions (both white and green parts) 8. 1 egg 9. 1 ½ tbsp cornflour 10. 1 tbsp hot chilli sauce 11. Salt, to season 12. 200gm Panko/regular breadcrumbs 13. Vegetable oil; for frying For the chilli mayo: 14. 1 cup mayonnaise (homemade preferable but store bought works just as fine) 15. 1-2 tbsp sriracha/hot chilli sauce (based on preferences) Method: To make the patties: 1. Wash the prawns well and pat dry with kitchen paper before use. 2. Place half of the prawns along with the spring onions, egg, cornflour, hot chilli sauce and a generous pinch of salt in a food processor. Pulse to a rough paste like consistency. 3. Then add the remaining prawns and pulse just once or twice so that you get roughly chopped chunks of the prawns. 4. Place the breadcrumbs in a shallow bowl to make it easier or coating. 5. Scoop out a generous portion of the prawn mixture and shape into a patty (the mixture will be slightly sticky so wetting your hands with water will help). 6. Press the burger into the crumbs well and then turn around and coat well on all sides pressing lightly. 7. Repeat for all patties and refrigerate covered until it is time to fry. To make the chilli mayo: 8. In a bowl, mix the sriracha or chilli sauce into the mayonnaise (the amount of sauce can be adjusted to your heat preferences). Refrigerate till use. To assemble: 9. Heat oil in a pan and fry the patties in batches; drain on a kitchen paper. 10. Cut the brioche buns in half and toast both sides. 11. Spread tomato chutney on one side and chilli mayo on the other. 12. Place the lettuce leaves on one side and then stack up the patty followed by the onions and jalapenos. 13. Drizzle more chilli mayo if you wish to. 14. Enjoy! 100+ varieties of seafood | Fresh Halal Mutton & Chicken | Customised cuts | Chemical-free | Supreme quality