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Sardine fish ( Mathi fish ) supreme seafood


  • Sardine fish ( Mathi fish ) supreme seafood
  • Sardine ( Mathi) headless supreme seafood
  • Sardine fish ( Mathi meen )

Sardine ( Local )(Mathi, Chalai)

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This is an oil rich fish which is very tasty and healthy because of its rich omega-3 fatty acid content which is beneficial for heart patients. Omega-3 fatty acid reduces the cholesterol content in the blood stream and helps to keep the blood flow in the body smooth and easy. It has many other health benefits also. Sardine ( Local )  is also known as Kavalai Mathi in Tamil .

Size: 60 pcs/kg Types of Cutting : 1.Headless, Cleaned 2.Head on, Gilled & Gutted 3.Whole

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