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Parrot Fish (Kili Meen) supreme seafood


  • Parrot Fish (Kili Meen) supreme seafood

Parrot Fish 500 g to 2 kg(Kili Meen)

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Parrot fish is a stunning, bright coloured fish with a soft and delicate texture. The mouth of the fish resembles that of a parrot’s beak. This fish is available throughout the year and can be prepared in curry and fry forms for consumption. Parrot fish is also known as Kizhi_meen Kili_meen

Size: 500g to 2kg Types of Cutting : 1.Whole 2.Cubes with combination of Skin on / Skinless, Bone on / Boneless 3.Thin / Thick / Medium slices 4.Fillets Skin on / Skinless 5.Head On, Gilled & Gutted

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