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Indian Mackerel (Aylai) supreme seafood

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  • Indian Mackerel (Aylai) supreme seafood
  • Indian Mackerel (Aylai) Headless supreme seafood
  • Indian Mackerel (Aylai) Headless with slits supreme seafood
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Indian Mackerel Small(Ayilai / Kumla)

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This is the national fish of India and is widely available and consumed by most of the Indian community, especially, in Tamilnadu and Kerala. There are many varieties which are known by different names. All these varieties are very popular amongst Indian consumers. Indian Mackerel is also known as Kanangeluthi_Aila_Ayalai_Aylai

Size: 6 to 8 pcs/kg (Whole) Types of Cutting : 1.Headless, Cleaned 2.Head on, Gilled & Gutted 3.Whole

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