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Emperor fish , vila meen , vila fish


  • Emperor fish , vila meen , vila fish
  • Emperor (Villa Meen) slices supreme seafood
  • Emperor (Villa Meen) cubes supreme seafood
  • Emperor (Villa Meen) skin on fillet supreme seafood

Emperor Fish Small(Villa Meen) Small

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One of the finest seafood available especially in the East coast of India, Emperor fish is preferred by many discerning seafood lovers for making fish curry, fish fry, etc. It is available both as steaks and fillets. Emperor Fish is also known as Vella Meen / Vellai Meen

Emperor Fish comes under Big Fish Category 

Emperor Fish Recipe : Scrambled Fish with Mustard Recipe

Emperor Fish Recipe : Fish Pulusu (Andhra style Fish Curry) Recipe

Size: 500g to 2kg Types of Cutting : 1.Whole 2.Cubes with combination of Skin on / Skinless, Bone on / Boneless 3.Thin / Thick / Medium slices 4.Fillets Skin on / Skinless 5.Head On, Gilled & Gutted

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