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Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) supreme seafood


  • Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) supreme seafood
  • Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) supreme seafood
  • Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) cleaned with head supreme seafood
  • Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) Tubes cleaned supreme seafood

Cuttle Fish Big 500g – 1.5kg(Kadamba)

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Cuttle Fish / Cuttlefish are marine animals which belong to the family of Squid, Octopus, etc. It is a mollusk and not a fish. Cuttle fish is very popular as a food source in Countries all over the world. It is used as a deep fried item and is consumed along with rice or pasta.

Cuttle Fish / Cuttlefish comes under : Semi-Exotic Varieties

Cuttle Fish / Cuttlefish Recipe : Cuttlefish Fry Recipe