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Black Pomfret fish small / Vawal fish / Whole

Black pomfret fish size of about 300 gm is perfect for grill / fry / curry recipes . Black Pomfret fish is known as Karuppu Vaval meen in Tamil. The other types of pomfrets are white pomfret fish and chinese pomfret . Taste and texture of Black pomfret is unique and hence preferred by all consumers. They can easily be called one of the finest species of fish considering their quality & price. Black pomfret fish is also easily available . Black pomfret Recipe : Oven Baked Pomfret Recipe (with Virgin Coconut Oil Marinade ) Black pomfret Recipe : Maccher Korma Recipe (Bengali style Fish Curry with Yoghurt and Spices)

Gross Weight: 250 gm to 300 gm

Net Weight: 188 gm to 225 gm

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