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White Basa Fillet ( Vietnam )


  • White Basa Fillet ( Vietnam )
  • Pink Basa Fillet ( Vietnam )

Basa Fillet White (Vietnam)

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Pangasius Fillets / Basa fillets is an imported product . It is mainly sourced from Vietnam. The smooth meat coupled with great taste results in a fast growing market for this fish in India. It is available in two varieties namely Pink & White basa Fillets. It is widely used in Hotels and restaurants across India due to its regular availability and stable price .

Basa Fillet Pink (Vietnam) comes under EXOTIC FROZEN SEAFOOD ( IMPORTED )

Basa Fillet Pink (Vietnam) Recipe : Pan grilled Fish Skewers Recipe (with Sambar powder)

Basa Fillet Pink (Vietnam) Recipe : Maccher Chop Recipe (Bengali style Fish Croquettes)

Basa Fillet Pink (Vietnam) Recipe : Scrambled Fish with Mustard Recipe

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