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Anchovy fish ( Nethili fish ) supreme seafood


  • Anchovy fish ( Nethili fish ) supreme seafood
  • Anchovy ( Nethili ) Headless supreme seafood
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Anchovy Big(Nethili)

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Anchovy is known as Nethili fish in Tamil. Anchovy is a significant source of food for almost all the fish eating population in India. These are small variety of fish and can be prepared as tasty fish curry, fish fry etc. It is preferred for its pungent taste and property of reducing bad cholesterol.

it comes under SMALL FISHES Varieties

Recipe :  Meen Peera Recipe ( Sardine / Anchovy with Grated coconut , green chillies and black kokum )

Size: Big : Around 40pcs/kg Small : Around 80pcs/kg Types of Cutting : 1.Headless, Cleaned 2.Head on, Gilled & Gutted 3.Whole

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