Seer fish ( Vanjaram ) , Emperor , Black Pomfret , White Pomfret , Cobia , Sea Cat Fish ( Keluthi ) , Japanese Thread Fin ( Sankara ) , Lady Fish ( Kelangan ) , Grey Mullet ( Madavai ) , Blue Sea Crab , Red Sea Crab , Mussels , Oysters , Clams , Rohu , Catla , Pearl Spot , Jumbo Prawns , White Squid and much more available . Add our whatsapp number 9171072896 in your phone to receive regular updates/recipes . Call before 3.00 pm today for today delivery .

Return Policy

Return Policy:
In an unlikely event , if you are not satisfied with our product and not applied marinade ( masala ) and not cooked it , you can return the product ( fish , crab or prawn ) on the same day of delivery itself. No questions asked. As simple as that.

Cancellation Policy:
Orders placed a day in advance for next day delivery can be cancelled before 9.30 pm on the day prior to date of delivery. For example, if you have ordered for Tuesday morning delivery, it can be cancelled by Monday evening 9.30 pm.

For same day orders, you can cancel the order if the order is not processed. Due to the perishable nature of the product , it is not possible to cancel the order after it is cut or processed.