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Fresh and Ready to Cook

Order Fresh Seafood with Supreme Seafood and feel the taste with different cutting types of Seafood.

Fresh and ready to cook fish , prawns and crabs . Peeled and deveined prawns , fish fingers , fish fillets , fish slices , fish cubes , squid rings , bengali cut , cleaned prawns , gilled and gutted small fish , crab meat . We do Different types of cuts as per your requirement and home deliver in Chennai .

Slice Cut

Baracudda ( Sheela ) slices supreme seafood

Cube Cut


Headless Cut

White Fish ( Sudumbu ) Headless

Head On GG Cut


Finger cut

Fillet Cut

Square Cut

White Squid ( Kanavai ) Square cut - supreme seafood

Butterfly Cut

Flower Prawns medium

Bengali Cut

Rohu ( Kendai ) Bengali cut

Crab Cleaned

Three Spotted Crab

Squid Rings

White Squid ( Kanavai ) Rings- supreme seafood

Cuttle Fish Cleaned Cut

Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) cleaned with head supreme seafood

Cleaned With Tail-On

Jumbo Tiger Prawns cleaned Tail On supreme seafood

Tubes Cut

Cuttle Fish (Kadamba) Tubes cleaned supreme seafood

Peeled and Deveined

Jumbo Tiger Prawns Peeled and deveined supreme seafood