Seer Medium (Vanjaram) Rs.995 , Seer Big Rs.1190 , Sankara , Nethili , Kelangan , Oysters , Shark , Sardines , Emperor , White Pomfret , Ayirai , Indian Salmon , Mahi Mahi , Peeled and deveined prawns and much more available . Click on " What's Available Today " link to check availability of Fishes .

Fresh and Ready to Cook

Order Fresh Seafood with Supreme Seafood and feel the taste with different cutting types of Seafood.

Slice Cut

Cube Cut

Headless Cut

Head On GG Cut

Finger cut

Fillet Cut

Square Cut

Butterfly Cut

Bengali Cut

Crab Cleaned

Three Spotted Crab

Squid Rings

Squid Rings

Cuttle Fish Cleaned Cut

Cleaned With Tail-On

Tubes Cut

Peeled and Deveined