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To facilitate easy availability of quality seafood at the most reasonable prices to the customers at their door steps.


  • To ensure hygienically processed sea foods of all popular varieties of Fishes, Prawns and other Exotic species are delivered to the customers at their homes.
  • To employ the latest quality standards while handling and processing the seafood so that food safety and nutritional security will be preserved.
  • To ensure that equitable benefits are available to all the stake holders across the value chain.
  • To completely eliminate all the hassles encountered by consumers at present while purchasing sea food and provide Excellent service in terms of quality, price and convenience.


 Supreme Seafood, is a pioneer in home delivery of fresh seafood in India . We started full fledged operations in June 2012 . We are the first and probably the only company in India to have achieved more than one lakh home deliveries in the fresh fish segment , without getting any external funding . The company is professionally run by a bunch of brothers , in-laws and nephews , literally by a family who are passionate about providing home delivery of premium quality fresh seafood  . The promoters of the company have more than 15 years of experience in exporting seafood to various countries .  The same care and hygienic standards are being followed in processing and packing a variety of seafood for the domestic consumers too. What is more, all these are offered in a timely fashion and within affordable cost for the consumers. This results in obtaining the seafood products at the comfort of your home, in a ready to cook status, just by making a telephone call. All the hassles involved in making a trip to the fish market & witnessing and tolerating all the unhealthy & unhygienic practices being followed there can be thus avoided. Further the seafood consumed by you will have the seal of quality of Supreme Seafood.

We are offering all the popular varieties of fish, shell fish & exotic seafood. These are directly sourced from fish landing centers. The fishes are segregated and handled very carefully taking extra precautions to avoid any cross contamination from vessels, ice or water used for processing the fishery products. Our ultimate aim is to delight the customers so that they will return once again with complete confidence in us to purchase their seafood requirements.

We export fresh seafood like Seer fish , Emperor , Hamour fish ( Brown dotted grouper ) , Coral Trout , Parrot fish , Tomato grouper , Black dotted grouper , other varieties of groupers , Reef cod , Red Snapper , Black Pomfret , White Pomfret , Squid , Cuttle fish , Prawns , etc . Our main export markets are Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bahrain , Singapore , Hong Kong , Taiwan.